Interdisciplinary Research

Demers collaborates with Theater Studies Lecturer and Director of the Dance Studies Curriculum, Emily Coates.  Professor Coates is a professional dancer, writer and choreographer.  She has performed with New York City Ballet (1992 - 1998), Mikhail Baryshnikov’s White Oak Dance Project (1998 - 2002), Twyla Tharp (2001 - 2003), and Yvonne Rainer (2006 - present).  Coates and Demers co-teach a course on Physics and Dance at Yale University and are writing a coursebook associated with the class, forthcoming from Yale University Press.

Art/Science Video about the Higgs Boson

One of Coates and Demers’s collaborative projects is an Art/Science Video about the Higgs Boson and Dance titled, “Three Views of the Higgs and Dance”.  This work was supported with a grant from the New Haven Arts Council as part of the Reintegrate Project, aiming to foster the reintegration of the arts with the sciences.  The video is edited by Jenai Cutcher West with CERN videography by Kike Calvo. 

Presentations and Workshops

Coates and Demers have presented their work in several different contexts.  Below are some examples

TEDxYale: “Potential Poetics: Physics and Dance”, March 26, 2014

Yale Physics Club (Department Colloquium): “Physics Dance and the Higgs at Yale”, March 3, 2014

UNC Chapel Hill, Mellon Foundation Supported Residency: “Discovering the Higgs through Physics and Dance”, Oct 10 - 13, 2013

Wesleyan University, Innovations: Intersections of Art and Science Symposium: “Research, Teaching and Engagement” panelists, March 1, 2013

New Haven International Festival of Arts and Ideas: “Discovering the Higgs Workshop”, June 21, 2013

Yale SCHOLAR Program: “Discovering the Higgs Workshop”, July 11, 2013


For more information about our collaboration and projects, see the following articles:

Symmetry Magazine: “The Physics of Dance”, May 27, 2014

Yale Alumni Magazine: “Bodies in Motion”, Jan/Feb 2012

Photo credits: Michael Marsland (top), Jessica Todd Harper (below)